Viminacijum Tour

Viminacijum Tour – This ancient Roman city and military encampment is unique in many aspects. It is exceptional with respect to the number of excavated graves (over 13,500 graves have been identified) as well as the quantity of artifacts found in them (over 32,000 objects); it is exceptional in terms of the surface area unencumbered for archaeological investigation (over 1,100 acres/450 hectares for the greater metropolitan area and 540 acres/220 hectares in the city territory proper). The remains of Viminacium extend entirely over cultivated fields, and both fragmentary and sometimes whole ancient artifacts lie scattered on the ground surface. 

A special attraction within the archaeological park Viminacijum is the visit to the prehistoric site, in which a whole skeleton of a mammoth was discovered.

Refreshments available in tavern (drink, snack, lunch).

The high light of this tour is 30 min battle show “Roman Legionnaires vs Barbarians” – interactive performance in which the guests actively participate.